Traditional Stands
We have a variety of metal and plastic stands available .

Giant Stands

We sell a Giant stand for the monster trees over 9 feet tall up to 16 feet tall.  We have sold many over the years and they work in a similar way as the easy Yule stands described below.

The World's Easiest Tree Stand!  
Here Exclusively: The Yule Drill Stand  - Trees Stand Straight and Secure.
Recommended for All normal size trees 5 feet to 8 feet tall.
We drill a hole in the bottom of the trunk for all of our trees for use the easy Yule Tree Stand, it's the stand with the spike! We are the ones that brought them to this area. We have been selling them for over 30 years; and people really like them for ease of use, durability and the large water bowl for less frequent filling.  They have sturdy metal legs and a large 6 quart leak-proof water bowl. 
To install the stand: Lay your tree on it's side and just place the spike stand into the pre-drilled hole in the tree trunk, gently tap the bottom of the stand with a hammer to help set it onto the tree base.  Then Stand up the tree up and you are ready to decorate.  It is that Easy!  *See Demo Video on Home page. *Also See Tips below.  The Yule tree stand is arguably the easiest to use stand on the market.

Tips for Yule Drill Stand
The drill hole is made with a special tapered bit that matches the spike on the stand.  The tree base is drilled on a special vertical drill press machine to center the tree.  The hole is drilled straight relative to the tip of the tree.  So that even if a tree has a crooked truck the tree will stand straight in the Yule stand! 

However the drill machine is operated by humans and we are not always perfect.  Sometimes small adjusts need to be made to fine tune the straightness of the tree in the stand by placing small "shims" under one of the stand legs.  Sometimes an old magazine under one leg is all that is needed to make your tree look perfectly straight.  This is much easier to do than the hassle of adjusting bolts on tradition plastic or metal type stands. 

To help "seat" the spike stand into the drill hole on the base of the tree trunk gently hit the underside of the spike (the "nail head" of the spike) with a mallet or hammer.  When setting the spike into the tree base do not hit the plastic bucket but on hit the metal "head" only

There is a rubber grommet that serves as seal between the metal and the water bucket.  It forms a tight water proof seal.  We have not had any issue with the buckets leaking, however some of our customers have used some silicon around the spike just to be over cautious. To keep the rubber grommet pliable and fresh for year after year use, we suggest to simply lubricate the rubber grommet with some type of light oil like  "3 in 1" oil or even Vaseline.  This will help the rubber from dry rotting while in storage in the off season.

Also sometimes the plastic bowls get broken or damaged over the years, we sell replacement bowls, the metal parts are almost impossible to damage.  So there is no need to buy a new stand if you only need a part, we have you covered.